Whether you are looking to just play darts, or want to join a League, TJz is where to go.

Multiple Dart machines in our back room, that opens to the beautiful outdoors, allows friends and family time to relax, drink, eat and play!

Dart Leagues start in the fall, if you are interested in one of our Adult Leagues, let us know.  We also have Junior/Adult Dart Leagues for the kids!  Check it out -> Junior Dart League

Winter Doubles Dart League – TJDIH4

7:30 Start Time – $7.00 per player per night


Captain: Rhonda Beaner
Phone: 605-480-2628

CJ And The Darts

Captain: Cindy Tennessen
Phone: 605-261-0771


Captain: Adam Devries
Phone: 605-679-5728

Double Trouble

Captain: Steve Boer
Phone: 605-321-1914


Captain: Heather Bunde
Phone: 605-951-4250

Missing 2

Captain: Trevor Bunde
Phone: 605-360-0562

No Rhyme No Reason

Captain: Liz Siepka
Phone: 605-366-8893

Target Practice

Captain: Karla Keefe
Phone: 605-321-8646

Winter 4 Person Dart Team – TJTIH4

7:30 Start Time – $7.00 per player per night

Armed And Hammered

Captain: Rider Lyon
Phone: 605-323-5397


Captain: Jenae Klein
Phone: 605-261-6408

Darts of Hazzard

Captain: Jacob Glazier
Phone: 605-338-2652

Darty Secrets

Captain: Melissa Dougan
Phone: 605-940-8071

Let Her Buck

Captain: Kristy Weikle
Phone: 605-610-5958

The Reapers

Captain: Jake Johnson
Phone: 605-770-2561

TJz Weekenders

Captain: Amanda Dudley
Phone: 605-270-4261

Upcoming Darts

TJz In-house Doubles & Four-Person Dart Leagues

  • Wednesday’s Doubles @ 7:30 @ TJz
  • Thursday’s 4 Person Teams @ 7:30 @ TJz
  • All Team members should join TJz Bar & Restaurant Darts Group on Facebook as this is where information will be posted.
  • Please be considerate & respectful of each other at all times.
  • Rescheduling should be a last resort. In the event that you must reschedule, please do so within 2 weeks of the actual date and inform Kathy through messenger of your rescheduled date and time so that we may plan for staff.

News & Announcements

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